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Mystical Mutations

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types: All (Player Voluntary)

Plot Overview:
Characters may be signed up only if they have not been in play since the plot began. Characters in play since 12:00 on 4/7/18 may not be signed up

A strange bout of mutations have occurred. When characters wake up on Saturday, April 7 some people have changed completely. Some have gained new abilities. While at seemingly random there is no immediate threat at the present. The changes take place in seconds at midnight of 4/7/18

Plot Information:
Unknown magic
Whatever has effected the characters does not show up on normal magic sensing. Also the changes and powers given thereof do not register on magic sensing and are unaffected by normal magic dampeners. All of them however can sense each other and each other's magic when nearby. They cannot sense normal magic either.

A change in attitude
Effected characters are feeling new effects on their mood. Its not forcing a complete shift but makes them more prone to the new effects.

OOC: A character with a "depressing" mood modifier can still feel happy and joyous. But will more easily fall into a low spectrum.

Starting 4/17 when they wake up character with manually activated abilities will find the knowledge of how to use it in their had so they can control it conciously.

Power Flickers
Starting Sunday, 4/22 the abilities of characters is randomly flickering on or off daily. The transition happens while characters sleep. For characters that don't sleep they will experience and unconsious/offline time when the changes happen.

While a character's powers offline their normal powers, forms, and abilities will be restored. However they still cannot be sensed magically by others. Nor can they sense normal magics, but can sense each others magics.

A lull in the happenings
Starting the morning of Sunday 4/29 all the mysterious powers have stopped.
However things are not back to how they were. The effected characters still have the following effects
- Cannot be sensed by normal magic and cannot sense normal magic
- Can feel when by another effected character (if capable of magical sensing)

Mood Influence has also stopped at this time.

In addition all effected characters are finding themselves resist, though not immune, to external modifications. On a plus note this is super speeding their healing, but it also means magically or technologically altering is not lasting. Latent intneral abilities, self as self shape changing, are still viable however.

Withdrawl symptoms
Starting on 5/2 the effect people have started exhibiting symptoms akin to withdrawl from a drug. Details for each character are list below.

Examples of Withdrawl severity
None - No withdrawl symptoms
Mild - A longing for the aspects of the powers they enjoyed in down time.
Moderate - A need to experience the effects they enjoyed again
Severe - A compulsion to seek out ways to regain powers.
Extreme - Unable to obtain happiness with something reminding them of their powers
Please note these are examples. Players are free to express them as they see fit

  1. Alexandra Mardh
    • Affter Effects: Can easily copy forms with a touch. Can block a change or revert a change at will. Wears off after a week.
  2. Amanda
    • Affter Effects: Will be able to see sound in addition to normal vision. Wears off after a month.
  3. Brisby
    • Affter Effects: Personal gravity reduced by half. Wears off after a month.
  4. Cela
    • Affter Effects: Able to effortless form fire holograms. Wears off after a week.
  5. Daniel Ratzenberger
    • Affter Effects: Able to rearrange own spots at wil.
  6. Dat Dem
    • Affter Effects: While not as bouncy as before, Dat's body will have more give. Effectivly doubling the amount of blunt force required to injure her as she'll bend more first before breaking. This effect is permanent.
  7. Erin Smith
    • Affter Effects: Fur gains a gem like sparkle. Wears off after two weeks.
  8. Granite Greywacke
    • Affter Effects: While focused on it can speed up or slow down body functions by a quarter normal speed. Including perception of time. This effect is permanent.
  9. Harmony Jackson
    • Affter Effects: Will now have twenty five foot wingspan. Instincts not included. This effect is permanent.
  10. Harold Mackenzie
    • Affter Effects: Can use normal voice and use any sounds learned while power was active. This effects wears off after a week.
  11. Last Prossot Aksol
    • Affter Effects: Can grow fur to foot long at will. Or undo this. Wears off after a week.
  12. Leday
    • Affter Effects: Able to turn translucent (not full transparent) at will, wears off after two weeks.
  13. Michael "Mike" Vasilyev
    • Affter Effects: Able to generate visual but insubstansial clothing at will. (No physical form or effects) Wears off after a week.
  14. Patrick Altair
    • Affter Effects: Healing ability increased ten fold. Wears off after a week.
  15. Pine
    • Affter Effects: Form of a synthitc anthro cheeta version of normal form. wears off after a week.
  16. Rich
    • Affter Effects: Normal size changing can go up to ten feet tall. Will counterbalance to inch tall. This effect is permanent.
  17. Shana
    • Affter Effects: Able to pacify others like her field with a touch. Does not work on herself. Wears off after a week.
  18. Sute
    • Affter Effects: Able to warm herself up at will. Wears off after two weeks.
  19. Taeryn Longôné
    • Affter Effects: Can manipulate up to ten pounds of liquid water she is in physical contact with. This drains her like using reach. Will not corrupt as dijn magic normally does. This effect is permanent.
  20. Tochodamitatsu
    • Affter Effects: Can phase shift through walls, but only him, nt what he is carrying. Wears off after a week.
  21. Wildcolt
    • Affter Effects: Able to hear everything with fifty meters. wears off after a week.
  22. Willowmic Odiea
    • Affter Effects: Able to form light constructs without substance. Wears off after a week.
  23. Xavier Williams
    • Affter Effects: Thinks 1.5 times normal speed. Wears off after a week.

Player Information - This information is only visible to players with characters in the plot. You are either not logged in, or have no characters in the plot.

Postplot Information:
In the evening on May 14 a black mist rolled through the town, passing through solid objects including walls. Blacking everything out. It painfully caused the effected characters to pass out for a single minute. The mist lingered for a few minutes, weakening everyone, before lifting. When it lifted the effected characters have their final after effects start, and all mood modifiers are immediately lifted. Characters will once again be sensible by normal magical means.

Characters will be effected with leftover effects as described under their name. Included for each character is how long post plot until the effect expires. Characters will instinctively know how to use these powers unless stated otherwise.

Some effects are listed as permanent and may be added to the character's CS sheets after the plot ends.

These after effects behave like normally understood magic, and are effected by normal magic blockers and manipulators.
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May 16, 2018 4:36 AM
Re: Mystical Mutations
Plot Review
Did you participate in this play?

What were some things you really liked about the plot?
Its was a lot of experimenting and new experiences for the characters.

Where did this plot fail and need to improve?
Lasted far too long for what it was. Dragged on near the end.

Would you like more plots like this in the future?

Anything else to add?
While I may have run the plot, it was still something I overall enjoyed running.
Apr 6, 2018 9:30 PM
Re: Mystical Mutations
Harmony Jackson signed up

5 Definining Personaliy Traits
Curious, Adaptable, Careful, Affectionate, Reserved
Apr 6, 2018 8:13 PM
Re: Mystical Mutations
5 Defining Personality Traits:
Guilt, Motherly Instincts, Compassionate, Risk Averse, Fear of Demons

5 Personality Traits:
Curious, Dominant, Tech Crazy, Determined, Playful

5 Personality Traits:
Curious, Submissive, Gluttonous, Playful, Magic enthusiast

Erin Smith
5 Personality Traits
Steadfast, Practical, Caring, Cautious, Protective of family
Apr 6, 2018 6:27 PM
Re: Mystical Mutations
Daniel Ratzenberger signed up

5 Definining Personaliy Traits
Curious, Prone to Over Extension, Anxious, Risk Averse, Unweary
Apr 6, 2018 6:04 PM
Re: Mystical Mutations
Sute signed up

5 Definining Personaliy Traits
Shy, Curious, Determined, Industrious, Careful
Apr 6, 2018 6:04 AM
Re: Mystical Mutations
Brisby signed up

5 Definining Personaliy Traits
Loyal, Self-defeating, Protective, Kind, Guilty
Apr 6, 2018 3:37 AM
Re: Mystical Mutations
Granite Greywacke signed up

5 Definining Personaliy Traits
Studious, Discreet, Easygoing, Coarse, Impulsive
Dat Dem signed up 5 Definining Personaliy Traits Loyal Precise Rambunctious Ambitious Crafty
Apr 3, 2018 1:14 PM
Re: Mystical Mutations
Alexandra Mardh signed up

5 Definining Personaliy Traits
Worried, Curious, Friendly, Frustrated, Reserved
Apr 2, 2018 6:47 PM
Re: Mystical Mutations
Willowmic Odiea signed up

5 Definining Personaliy Traits
Helpful, Caring, Worrying, Curious, Honest
Wildcolt signed up 5 Definining Personaliy Traits Efficient, Curious, Naive, Strong, Listener
Cela signed up 5 Definining Personaliy Traits Sense of Duty, Self-Disiplined, Temper, Logical, Caring
Apr 2, 2018 6:29 PM
Re: Mystical Mutations
Last Aksol - Inferiority Complex, Water-oriented, industrious, compassionate, proud
Kel'jec Fortuna - Internally Conflicted, Musically-Oriented, crude-humoured, irreverent, oath-bound
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