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Full Name: Taeryn Longôné
Nicknames: Tae, ryn
Species: Djinni
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Arrival Method: Yellow Breach
Player: Siglas

Physical Profile:
- Humanoid
  • Height & Weight: 4'6" (137 cm) 119 lb (54 kg)
  • Apparent Age: Young adult
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: 1950s fashion
  • Voice: Female, normal
  • Usual Scent: slight concrete and moss smell

Full Description
Taeryn is a 4'6" humanoid. She has a pair of ram's horns which curl above her head, and down to the side. Her hair is black, and her eyes show no colour in the iris, looking grey. Her figure is toned, showing a life of energy, and a few cuts and scrapes. Her hands has two fingers and a thumb each. They are similar to a humans in length and thickness.

Her tail is thick, not unlike a Kangaroo's, allowing her to support herself, and have limited capacity with using it as an appendage. It cannot grasp small objects, and cannot wrap around them, but it's functional enough to move and manipulate things clumsily.

Her toes have two, thick digits that support the body evenly, with the outside toe being slightly smaller. It maintains similar dexterity to that of a human's.

Otherwise, she usually wears dresses with no shoulder coverings, in a 1950's esque style

- Items
  • - all-in-one Notepad
    A notepad with a case, including a pen, a bookmark and some stickers. This notepad case is designed to be water proof, and has many short tales of experiences that Taeryn's experienced. Taeryn uses it as a half diary, half calendar to keep herself organised, and is taken everywhere. It's a faded red colour.
  • - A well-used grey dress with black hemming.
    A sleeveless, grey dress with black hemming that's been repaired several times. It's appropriate out-doors wear, though certainly not for hiking.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Common - the basic language that people use to communicate with each other in the country Taeryn is in. Native speaker.
  • Infernal - An innate language that Taeryn knows, part of her culture still treats the language as a reserved skill, and she doesn't boast it often. It's a sharp, purposeful language that can grate on people. Native speaker.
  • French - Conversational only, and she doesn't know some of the complex words. She has a passible accent, and generally defers to her supervisor, who's actually French-speaking. Conversational
  • German - Understands it vaguely enough that she can roughly translate it. Cannot speak it well.
- Vocational History
  • - Administration in a souvenir shop
    She is the face when people walk in. She helps sell maps, souvenirs, knick-knacks and refer people to the various services of town. She knows how to balance the books, how to manage the store, and would be the owner if she hadn't refused to take the reigns just yet.
- Education History
  • High school education
  • Administration
  • Outdoor sports such as kayaking, rock climbing, etc.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Camping survival skills - basic
    Taeryn knows how to mend, prepare for food, set up tents, knots and to clean and prepare equipment on a small scale. She knows how to read maps, work in several areas of terrain, and how to keep herself from getting into too much trouble.
  • - Retail and tourism
    She knows how to smile, sell and to remember topics of importance, including basic neighbouring towns and their attractions.
  • - Multi-lingual
    She knows several languages in varying strengths, capable of passing by, or at least understanding intent enough to help minimally.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Earth-like in both size and time functions, Soir is an evernight world with several lines of magical energy flowing through the world. Innately, magic has an expenditure of heat as a byproduct, and so much of the people who live in cities are along lines of magic. People who have capacity for magic tend to be able to travel the cold world, to allow themselves to be more adventurous. This does lead to the illusion that Djinni, who often have thick skin and magic traits, are magical world-changes who are not as restricted as the common folk.

Taeryn lives in a spread out city called Wootoomba that makes use of thin magic lines. It has a spaghetti-like structure with some passages between the strands to ensure connection. The city is conservative to maintain its resources of heat, magic, food and infrastructure, and often serves as a stopping point for many trade vehicles and passengers, as the next city or town is over an hour's worth of travel away. As such, it's a low-permanent residential area compared to the number of buildings it has.

Character Background:
Taryn was the second eldest of four. She lived a relatively simple life of schooling and adventure. She had an early growth spurt which lead to her adventurous side, but she didn't grow much more, making her slightly shorter than the rest of her kind. Despite this, she maintained relatively decent grades in science, and high maths and English class grades. She started working in her mid-teens as a retail staff, selling knick-knacks and souvenirs to tourists, and telling tall tales to entertain and partly to be cheeky.

She finished school and took a more permanent job in administration work and bookkeeping for the same souvenir store. Soon, she started to show magical affinity. This was small and common. She found that she was able to do minimal telekinesis. Throw a little further, jump a little higher, reach farther. It's like she had a larger body to work with. She took advantage of this in taking up some woman's sports. While the sports were uncommon, she found that she'd excel at them to the point where she wasn't allowed to compete due to cheating.

This never shook her off her appreciation for her capacity to stay warm without reliance on the city. She started to travel on days off, spending more and more time looking at the evernight world, and picking up some minor skills in camping and cooking, sewing and minor repairs. She also realised that her innate capacity for being fit worked with her ability. The more fit she was, the further she could 'extend' herself, to a foot in length.

After this, she started to plateau in her life, taking a course here and there to gain skills in administration, and a few courses in first aid, as well as specific training courses in sports like rock-climbing and kayaking. She started taking on more French as her supervisor taught her, so that she could cater to some of the foreign tourists. She also picked up colloquial German and understands, but cannot speak, various phrases from other languages.[/spoiler]
- The beginning
Taeryn arrived on Infinitas, arriving unceremoniously through a yellow breach. Isolated from her home world, she quickly fostered friendships, and learnt many things about herself. She disliked the sun terribly, considers the sun to be a fallen hero in the sky, (which nobody has tried to dissuade directly just yet) and had to learn just how things are different.

She started as a helping hand in a grocer, and turned to the arcade, also completing her first course in runes. This is her first step into independence in a new world, and the challenges that still lie ahead. Sadly, her infernal magic has not been stopped, and it seeks new ways to learn magic and to put it to use to further the course of evil.

Infinitas Related
Current Occupation:
  • Assistant at arcade
Character Relations:
  • SAM 86 - The hidden love. She dearly cares for Sam and appreciates the highly disliked abrogation field which keeps many of uncontrollable problems at bay. She will unrealistically defend on Sam's behalf

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Jul 3, 2018 2:52 AM
Re: Taeryn Longôné
Taeryn has had her mind fleshmolded by Shana to shore up defenses against her own magic's progressively destructive abilities, allowing the damage to be inflicted elsewhere. As such, her infernal magic is interested in the potential of this, and will gain a new ability. In 4 months (November) The skill will be able to be used to varying degrees. It will stabilise after another four months. The specifics of the ability will be added to the CS.

If another event triggers the infernal magic to create a new spell, it cannot be discovered until after November.

I have also clarified what 'infernal magic' will do with regards to learning of spells.

I have added runes due to her active learning and taking of lessons as discussed with Singh.

Added character relations, history additions and update of job situation.
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Re: Taeryn Longôné
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