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Full Name: Sute
Species: Digimon
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Arrival Method: Blue Breach
Player: Deloth

Physical Profile:
- Renamon
  • Height & Weight: 6'0", 150 lb.
  • Apparent Age: 22
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Whatever the event requires for her current position. Usually dresses casually on her own.
  • Voice: Deep and smooth. Specifically programmed to be pleasant to listen to over long periods, so as not to grate on people she's assisting.
  • Usual Scent: No natural scent. Scents and perfumes can be applied, but they will wear off.
  • Picture:

Full Description
(Image taken from official Toei art. Rehosted on Imgur to avoid image leeching.)

While Sute's basic form is that of a standard Tamers-style Renamon, she has quite a few differences both in her programming and her body. Externally, two large differences are the hardware embedded directly into her body, in both a pair of large buttons--one on each of the backs of her hands--and an armlet with several various data storage slots on her lower arm. Both are integrated directly into her body, melded with her skin.

Internally, while Digimon are usually extremely complex beings, Sute's code has been heavily altered and made from scratch in order to be as user-friendly to alter as possible--skilled programmers can write alterations to her form, her internal abilities and attacks, and even things like her personality traits. This, overall, makes her extremely malleable, as well as surprisingly changeable by magic for a being of computer code.

- Items
  • - Reset Button
    Embedded in her during transport, Sute has a small raised button on the back of both of her handpaws, imprinted with a symbol of two cycling arrows. When either of these are pressed by her or someone else, her form is forcibly rebooted, reverting back to her basic Renamon form. This is mainly used if her programming changes would get her stuck in one transformation or another--this allows her to return to normal.
  • - Upload Link
    In addition to the embedded reset buttons, a small armlet with several data storage slots is embedded in Sute's arm--integrated directly with her body, it cannot be removed. If cards, removable storage, or other data storage methods containing compatible effects are inserted, they will be executed, causing her form, attacks, or other attributes to change. This remains even after the storage device is removed.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Programming languages, both reading and typing. Excellent skill.
  • Basic English language skills.
- Vocational History
  • - Servant/Assistant
    Prior to her arrival, Sute acted as an assistant to her handicapped programmer, helping him with day to day activities due to his being paraplegic. As such, she's quite good at taking orders as well as helping others.
- Education History
  • No formal education.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Malleable
    Sute is extremely susceptible to physical changes, whether from uploaded programs or magic. Due to her reset buttons, she can change back if not immobilized, although if her form is needed for work or simply requested (or complimented--she likes that), she'll usually be quite happy to keep it for an extended period.
  • - Computer Being
    If allowed to use them, Sute is quite skilled with computers, able to easily read and program code as well as using programs (although teaching others to might be a different story). In addition, she can even manipulate them to a certain extent, uploading her own data to them to work on them from within, as well as downloading and storing data within herself--although this tends to manifest as weight on her frame as a visual indicator, usually to her embarrassment.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Basic Bodyguard Training
    While Sute is not extremely powerful, she is able to use the basic moves of her species in order to protect people that she guards, as well as herself. These include throwing razor-sharp hardened leaves, trained punches and kicks, and a short-ranged teleport, although that is limited by being forced to swap places with someone else.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Sute hails from a world called Chorrus, a dimensional breach world similar to Infinitas--oddly alike, in fact, although usually besieged by more peril than Infinitas. Magic and tech tend to blend together and merge at times on Chorrus, which causes some of Sute's ability to be affected by magic. The finding of a Digital World on Chorrus is a very recent development in its history, but Digimon were quite fast in migrating to it, including Sute, and the inhabitants of the real world have quite happily integrated them.

One of Chorrus's main attributes is being very deeply saturated with chaotic energies, and its inhabitants and settlements are no different. While this makes the merge of both the Digital and real worlds quite easy, it also means that dimensional breaches, threats, and random dangerous surges of magic and bizarre otherdimensional technology are common occurrences to its population. Life on Chorrus is wild and sometimes hazardous, but it's never boring--and those who live there wouldn't have it any other way. After all, chaos can be just as happy as frightening.

Character Background:
Sute's story begins after the merging of the worlds, in a tavern called the Dragon's Den...

Shortly after the merge, a Renamon stopped by the Den to explore, catching the eye of a paraplegic programmer and developer there. Introductions were made, and in return for shelter and lessons on this new realm from him, she would act as a helper for him with his work and daily living. She agreed, and over time, they grew close as friends and partners--she as his assistant and study subject for Digimon coding, and he as her close friend and companion, lending her his room to live in and his computer for her to use to stay in contact with the Digital World.

After several months, an experiment was agreed to between them both--he would try to copy her fully, creating a being purely from her as a new twin. She, nervously, agreed to this, and he began running a custom program designed to handle her code and create a copy of it. Slowly, this copy's form gained shape, and they both began to celebrate.

Then, as always, chaos threw its own wrench into the gears. When the program reached the Digicore's code--her brain, and essentially, her soul--it choked. While making the copy successfully, it also glitched heavily, attempting to recover itself and keep from crashing mid-cloning. Glitching heavily, the computer fizzled, followed by a large blue, jagged hole in reality tearing itself open under the new copy's feet, dragging her down and threatening to take its programmer with her.

The original Renamon threw her hands out, grabbing his wheelchair and pulling him to safety. When she reached for her new twin sister, however, she was too late. The clone was dragged into the warp, opening her eyes for the first time just as she vanished. As soon as it had happened, it had ended, the hole closing and leaving the room in stunned silence, as neither programmer nor Digimon could comprehend what had happened...

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