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The Ravenous Blue Mist

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types: Most Organics

Plot Overview:
A blue mist cloud of ravinous creatures has come through a breach. They are not sentient, and go from food source to food sourse.

Plot Information:
The mist can show up anytime, anywhere. It only targets hair and fur, or stuff made from them like wool. Once all in the area is gone they just leave.

Their food is organic hair, fur, and stuff made from them like wool. Plant based fabrics like cotton, and synthetics are not palatable to the creatures. The creatures seem to be in a partially phased state, able to change between solid and intangible.

Other then the removal of hair and fur there is no harm done, but they can strip all the fur off a full grown earth tiger in a matter of seconds. Given the small size of the creatures they are difficult to contain.

Postplot Information:

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