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Full Name: Tizzy Batkiros
Species: Nimbat
Gender: male
Age: 127
Player: Fidgetbat

Physical Profile:
- Nimbat
  • Height & Weight: 1' 5"
  • Apparent Age: unknown perhaps 6
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: ritualistic robes of office adorned by the archmage
  • Voice: high pitch with lyrical quality
  • Usual Scent: limes and mangos

Full Description
A Nimbat is a species that is discernible by a cat like appearance with bat wings only a thicker tail that is prehensile. Tizzy is a gold color in appearance with brown markings on his shoulders going down his stomach to his groin. His hands are also tipped brown that looks like hes wearing gloves as each tip of his digits are golden fur. The fur around his feet are roughly the same extending up to circle at his knees. He also sports three dots on his tail near the tip. His facial markings are mostly golden in color with four brown dots above each eye ridge while his large ears are tipped with tufts of brown. As for clothing he wears a light sash of white and trimmed in orange with a few symbols around his body that appears to be held together by three silver rings that intertwine along his mid section. It hangs down his groin and has a split in the back to allow his tail to move. This looks much like a ritualistic robe of some sort.

- Items
  • - Grimoire
    small Grimoire of spells that is shrunken down to pocket size, gets quite large and thick when proper size
  • - Three coins
    Each coin has gems in it and looks like his native currency
    Each gold coin has gems in it and looks like his native currency. One has three rubies another two sapphires and the third has one emerald in teardrop fashion.
- Weapons
  • - Fangs and Claw
    martial training in the combat use of fangs and claws

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
  • Abyssal
  • Anubian
  • murloc
  • infernal
  • Plane touched
- Vocational History
  • Consultant, Mageling apprentice, Researcher, Professor of Time magic studies, Dean of the school(nearly)
- Education History
  • Academy of Archmage
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - military training
    Has been trained as a battle mage but this is more confidential as his training was done by a black ops group of mages called The silent Feather where he attained the rank of Prime
  • - Mage duels
    In the academy where Nimbats learn there craft and temper their powers some disagreements end in duels where anything goes except high levels of magic with utter destruction.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
The world of Aloria is home to many races but the Nimbats are one of the many magical races next to Elves and anthro animals, Infernals, Plane touched and the long forgotten eldritch. Most of which are separated by different kingdoms ruled by one species entirely or a mix of a few that seem to co-exist fine but not without problems as any kingdom. The world is very full of magic but only useable by only a select few that are taught to wield the gift of magic and not everyone has an aptitude for great things. Some may have trouble conjuring light where others could make a brilliant flash with little effort. The nimbat species is regarded as the balances of the scale on magic, widely used around the world as peace keepers of magic, secret holders of long forgotten knowledge because of their lengthy life span and history recorders

Character Background:
Tizzy Batkiros was an curious individual by nature but not without his faults, he was always going along with things wanting to just nap in the many mango trees while he watched everyone skitter and flap from one place to another. A talented individual he would often delight the children with his fae fire skills or a newly crafted spell he created at school but the truth was, he was bored. It was the outside world he wanted but most Nimbats even at the academic level were forbidden to leave their respective villages without the authority of the elder council. The world was a frightening place even for a young nimbat, the amount of magical anomalies and monsters the magic gave birth to was at best what drew Nimbats into danger. They always had a curiosity for things, especially if it was edible and shiny for the younger ones and if it were both..they were hoarded in abundance. Tizzy was hardly the same, he hoarded knowledge and only wanted to share it with people. His mother was on the council of elders for his school and was always making him study to keep him from flying off and getting into trouble with the local guard about trying to sneak away to go exploring.

He was always going where he was not allowed getting himself into predicaments that some nearly got him killed. He once found himself nearly petrified from a singing plant that uses its magical song to cause rocks to accumulate around a victims body in this case he spent a week home bound with a granite boulder on his tail. There was also a time when he grew fins on his backside and had to live in the schools pool for two days because he kissed a water nymph mistaking her for a drowned damsel. Of course the teachers always found him having had him magically attuned to a scrying ball as were all the students to see their whereabouts. After many years of study and mishaps like that he became interested in the school of Time so that he could have more of it to examine and document things without falling victim to the mishaps he always seemed to be enduring. His experiments with his new school often led him to new ways of fooling the scrying so that it appeared he was there when he was away or stopping on a particular image of him sleeping to the point that 10 hours had passed with him missing and no one found him out until later. Many years passed by and his tutelage and researching soon afforded him a position at the school itself to teach his magic and adventure tactics to students that he could hand pick and lead around on expedition for those that wanted to adventure like him. Having the council finally acknowledge his talents made him happy but also with his new authority came new responsibilities in the village allowing him less time to visit the outside world he loved so much. He was made a vizier of the military branch to consult on war time strategies and magical dead zones locations for uses by the silent feather a black operations magical division that conducted its balance duties across the six kingdoms regulating the flow of magic in some areas that were deemed catastrophic so as to prevent loss of life and cataclysm.

He spent many years doing this finding and cataloging magical anomalies and new species even uncovering a lost Eldritch rune that gave him the position of head researcher at the schools vault of relics. A job they thought would keep him from trouble but his talents for blundering into things seemed to grow as his new authority over the relics had him delving into the Eldritch magics to strengthen his own with many old symbols uncovered in journals others thought were obscure. Tizzy found knowledge linking back to others in partial manuscripts hidden in cipher to many partial sigils they already had in their own system but were missing information on their proper use. He was once again promoted for his enthusiasm in the pursuit of knowledge and magic where a special eldritch ritual would be conducted allowing him to take ownership of the school with his own laboratory and tower at the school, but as the ritual began Tizzy became surrounded in a mist that clouded everyones vision of him and when it dissipated, he was gone.

Extra Information
Tizzy was a member of the Silent Feather for a few years more so than just a consultant. He engaged in many off the record hunts for magically damaged mutants of atrocities or power mad mages that had delved too far into the black or ancient forbidden arts only to be consumed by a creature of malevolence or just having gone insane. He doesn't like talking about this sort of thing.

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