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Full Name: Savee Navala the butterfly mistress
Species: Vampire bunny
Gender: female
Age: 1200
Player: Fidgetbat

Physical Profile:
- Vampire bunny
  • Height & Weight: 4' 75lbs
  • Apparent Age: 22
  • Character Build: Athletic
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Lolita
  • Voice: English
  • Usual Scent: Carrots with a tinge of watermelon
  • Picture:

Full Description
A small bunny standing 4' exactly with large teal colored eyes and long floppy ears. Her fur is a mixture of black and white with her body being white furred with accents of black. Her ears are tipped black as are her paws which makes it look as if she is wearing black finger less gloves. She has black stocking feet with alternating black and white digits. Her nose is a vibrant pink color as are her paw pads on each paw. She wears black corset fringed with lace over a white top and black petticoat dress with knee high white stockings. A large black bow stands out from her collar with a sparkling purple pendant in the middle and twin black ribbons adorn her biceps tied in place. Her claws on each paw are painted a sparkly purple color.

- Items
  • - Doctors tool kit
    Tool kit consisting of 8 different scalpels, bonesaw, 4 syringes, 6 vials and 16 strong acupuncture needles
  • - Vials
    The vials each contain a different liquid with a rubber stopper
  • - Acupuncture needles
    Each needle is a different metallic color.
- Weapons
  • - Scalpels and needles
    Can use scalpels to cut precise lines so as to render and enemy alive but immobile often throwing needles if necessary to target pressure points.
    Effective Range From Character
    close quarters
    Developed techniques with her esteemed professor who was a master at medical style combat

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Latin
  • Dead tongue (elder vampire language)
- Vocational History
  • - Doctor
    During the first two wars she witnessed, she was a doctor in training assisting her elder. Has doctorates in physiology, biology, chemistry, pharmacology with a major in ancient languages
  • - procurement agent
    Often sent on reconnaissance with her sisters in arms to procure technologies or new plants for their gardens.
- Education History
  • Grand library
  • Esteemed elder vampire known only to her as Professor V
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Acupuncture
    Having flown the world encountering all manner of techniques when it comes to acupuncture she can induce a variety of effects and health benefits.
  • - Triage
    Learned triage from participating in two wars and from her esteemed professor.
  • - Medical training
    She has attained a vast amount of knowledge in the medical fields from her mentor and the grand library where she studied.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Medical arts combat
    A flurrying type of combat where distraction can prove disastrous for the user. Often employs the use of certain herbs and liquid concoctions, needles and scalpels for precise cuts and paralysis. if one were to lose focus they could end up hurting themselves.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Sanctuary like world-Earth but where most myth and legends are true.

Character Background:
The wars were like any other with many vampbuns going hungry and starving a plague began turning some to a feral sort that would ravenously eat anything they could get their paws on. These devolved vampires were called bunwraiths. They would eat anything and ravage the lands they lived in always seeking more to eat be it meat or vegetable. Some were intelligent often leading the masses or burrows against others to amass soldiers or for feeding their own. The plague nearly wiped out all of the vampbun kind leaving them a shadow of their former selves. The human population sprang up and the older races were forgotten about, only able to do business underground or in markets that were hidden from man. In the shadows the vampbuns stole and pillaged gardens often taking human slaves to farm for them in great botanical underground gardens. This was the second war as the humans rose up against their captors killing many burrows the vampbuns had so desperately crawled back from the brink after 300 years. They poisoned their food sources or rose in great numbers against the meagre forces of their bunny masters who were still recovering from the plagues ravages.

Sensing their folly in underestimating the humans they fled once again into shadow dwindling in number until only thirteen burrows remained around the world. The history of the world painted the vampbuns as cruel masters and demons from another time harvesting humans for their food source. The world spun onward with the humans killing anything that was not their own kind uniting them worldwide, daily patrols and high tech weaponry were employed to keep the people protected and anything else away from their large walled cities. The vampbun known as Savee Navala was present through all of this often being sent to gather food for their burrow or healing the ones that were ravaged by plague. They had found a cure too late for the plague after so many of them had died.

They burrowed into the earth to make their homes venturing out to gather food or send on recon missions for new garden opportunities. They were sent in small packs to take objects that would make their lives easier underground. Savee was one such operative, having lived for over 1200 years she had learned much in her studies with the acclaimed professor V who was the eldest among them only taking an apprentice every few hundred years. He trained Savee most of the time seeing in her, his successor when his inevitable time came and he would die as he was no longer immortal due to the ravages of the plague on his body. She studied with him in the great library, an underground facility housing the entire knowledge of the vampbuns.

Savee acquired a new mission to procure a piece of equipment that was to make their gardens grow faster with special lighting that improved the biology of plants in harsh conditions. She was to go with two others and colleagues, Avasa an Siree. As she readied for the mission collecting her equipment and about to change into her recon outfit she was caught in a migrant from her wardrobe closet.

Extra Information
- vampbun diet
Vampire bunnies eat produce leaving husks of vegetables in their wake drained of their nutrients. They can eat other things but these are their life sustaining food source.

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