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Full Name: Jacalinn Ameliah
Nicknames: Jaq
Species: Yapathi
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Player: SomemuttupNorth

Physical Profile:
- Yapathi
  • Height & Weight: 145 cm tall, 55 kilograms
  • Apparent Age: Young Adult
  • Character Build: Lanky
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: 1940s-era flight suits and male clothes
  • Usual Scent: Fox/Vulpine equivalent, trace aircraft exhaust

Full Description
A fox-like, bipedal creature with large ears on the sides of her heads, about half the length of an equivalent fennec ear, and hair separate from fur. Sandy-cream colored fur with a white muzzle and belly, with black patch underneath whiskers. Blue eyes with natural lashes, brown hair extending to shoulder-length, usually kept in a ponytail.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Alanan Basic (near-identical to English)
- Vocational History
  • - Ferry Pilot
    Delivering empty aerocraft from one location to another.
  • - Test/Racing Pilot
    Ability to test and push aerocraft to their extremes for testing or for racing.
  • - Assistant
    Do whatever jobs her parents required at their parts shop. Her job for most of her young life.
- Education History
  • West Royal University: Master's in Aeronautics
  • Basic Education (K-12 equivalent)
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Flight
    Certified in single- and multi-engine piston aerocraft.
  • - Field Mechanics
    Ability to perform ad hoc repair in the event of an emergency, and understand maintenance required for sophisticated combustion engines.
  • - Navigation
    Ability to find and keep direction using magnetic instruments, the sun, or the stars.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Reserves Training
    Basic survival skills, defensive martial arts techniques, ability to fire a rifle.

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
Alana is a continental world, similar in size and mass to Earth. It is the second planet from its Sun, with two moons. A traditional day is 24.5 hours, and one year is about 360 days. Roughly 73% of the planet's surface is water, divided into four continents.

The Yapathi are the only sentient race on the planet, and over the millenia had formed multiple kingdoms and governing bodies. Many rose and fell, and eventually 12 kingdoms became the most stable. These all existed for hundreds of years, sometimes absorbing other nations, and cooperating with the others through various treaties, which over time became more and more complex and stringent.

Until the War. The cause was largely forgotten, but the treaties of the kingdoms drew the entire world into a devastating war, each nation fighting with or against another as agreed to in centuries old defensive pacts. What started out simply blossomed into a world wide war that lasted 11 years and killed nearly 1/3 the entire population on Alana. The victors were the United Kingdom of Weston and a few Eastern continent allies. However, all sides suffered heavy economic repercussions. Afterwards, the governments were seen as the cause, and massive deregulation followed, granting more and more freedoms to private companies in the form of charters. To the average Yapathian, it seemed the golden age of the consumer, the roaring times of the free market.

Character Background:
Jaq was the third cub born to a family of machiners, in the coastal city of Galdenn in the United Kingdom of Weston. She was the only daughter, and grew up in a rapidly changing world. The Industrial Revolution was past, but more and more uses were found for the combustion engine, including flight. Times were good for her family, which produced the parts needed to keep the ever-increasingly complicated machines that ran society.

Until the War. It started when she was 6, and by the time it was over, only herself and her father were left of the family, her mother and brothers having gone to fight, and did not return. The aftermath of this loss caused Jaq to look for ways to escape, and her eyes soon turned to the air, and the aerocraft.

She eagerly took to learning all she could, and passed on scholarship to one of the best universities in the Kingdom, passing in the top percentage of her class. She took a contract with the East Oceanic Charter, a large shipping and receiving magnate that exploded in size after the War. She became a pilot for this company, and under their sponsorship quickly became a well known aviatrix, becoming one of the record-holders for women aeronauts. During this time, she courted a company press man, Freider Jarrach. Friendship became more, and they became lovers, Jarrach entranced by this boundless vixen.

The duo found a chance to shine when the Charter was one of the sponsors of the Trans-Alana Air Race, an intercontinental race to test the reliability and feasibility of long range air travel. Ameliah and Jarrach were signed on with the Charter, among nearly 50 contestants total- Jarrach was also a skilled radio operator and backup navigator. The two were granted a new, fast wooden aerocraft, which they named Serenity. Before the race began, Jarrach proposed, with the intention to marry at the end of the race.

At first, things went well. The duo were in one of the top positions. However, at one of the stops, Jarrach became ill, and Jaq was forced to continue without him, with the promise that he'd meet her at the finish line.

Jaq and Serenity would never make it to that line.

Extra Information
This character and species are based off a species portrait in the Paradox Interactive game Stellaris. The history of the planet and people is mine alone.

Aircraft Serenity is essentially a De Havilland Mosquito fighter-bomber, obviously unarmed.

As a fun fact, the Charters would grow more and more power, until the world becomes a megacorporation under the name United Royal Charters.

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