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Full Name: Rodney Vlcek
Species: Human/Werepanther
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Player: Paula

Physical Profile:
- Human
  • Height & Weight: 5' 11" 195lbs
  • Apparent Age: 23
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Hooides, jeans or sweatpants, sneakers, sometimes in a tank or basketball jersey
  • Voice: Baritone
  • Usual Scent: Somewhat strong musk, but not overwhelming.

Full Description
5' 11" tall Caucasian male with jet black, short, spiked hair and brown eyes. Chin scruff, usually well shaven face with some rings around the eyes, indicating that he’s a night owl, usually studying late into the night. His overall built is lean and somewhat muscular, as he was a student athlete. He has black scratch marks down his right forearm.

He is usually seen wearing a red top with denim jeans or black sweatpants.
- Werepanther

Full Description
Jet black furred panther, lean in built, feral, much larger than a normal-sized leopard. Gold eyes, black claws and pads.

- Items
  • - Wallet
    Wallet filled with payment cards, receipts and a few photos of family and friends.
- Weapons
  • - Natural Weapons
    Tooth & Claw (Wolf form)

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
  • Feline (?)
- Vocational History
  • Bus boy for his mother's bakery
  • Novice physiotherapist
- Education History
  • He has finished college and earned a Bachelor of Science with a major in Physiotherapy.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Combat Experience
    Most of his combat experience comes from wrestling and fighting other werewolves, or high school brawls. Thus he is not much of a fighter.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Overview: Modern day earth, where werewolves have been artificially introduced into society. They are every bit the vicious beasts they are in folklore.

In an attempt to recreate mythical creatures the only full success, the werewolf, got loose and runs loose, spreading its curse.

Werewolf curse in this setting is transferred from werewolf liquid (usually saliva) meeting human blood. They are forced to shift the night of, the night after, and the night before the full moon. Society has adapted to werewolves, as there is no known cure. Shelters are common place, and distrust of the infected, even in the day, is high. Werewolves may be identified by black markings on the skin, where the wolf's teeth originally penetrated.

When in human form werewolves are imbued with a trait of their wolf form. This may be a sense, strength, reflexes, etc. The drawback is a degradation in control, adopting a more savage personality. The degree of degradation is in proportion to the trait enhanced. And the nature of the savagery differs from individual to individual, some violent, same confrontational, some lack manners, etc. In wolf form they lose total control of themselves, becoming monsters that will kill or infect any people they come in contact with indiscriminately.

But there is another type of werewolf out there. Anomalies, as they call themselves, have the same condition, but remain in control of themselves in wolf form and do not suffer from mental instabilities or gain any boosts in strength or senses. This is caused by less-harmful injuries like a scratch, causing an incomplete infection. These people come across like any other human, except for their black hair and scratch marks they have received. Anomalies are just as infectious as any other werewolf.

Werewolves suffer from segregation. They are still part of society, and at college's, like Rodney's, have their own dormitory buildings separated from the main campus by a strong fence and gates.

The only species known to be prone to this werewolf curse are humans. Contagiousness on other beings, like anthros or other mythological creatures, are on a case-by-case basis.

Character Background:
Rodney is a 23-year-old college graduate, whose life changed forever after meeting his new roommate, Jared, who unveiled himself as a werewolf with a rare condition.

Rodney grew up in a small town in Wisconsin with his two younger brothers, and was lucky enough to grow up in a safe haven, going to school and playing sports and video games like a typical boy in his childhood. It wasn't until he went to college where he was exposed to some of the most cruel things nature had to offer. Thankfully, that's when he met Jared, a werewolf since childhood with an anomaly in his condition, that cleared him to move into Rodney's dorm. He was registered as non-threatening by the authority, proving his self-control in wolf form to government officials. Thus he got a spot in Rodney's room as their freshman year began.

Jared educated Rodney about the werewolves that existed around his campus and made note of how dangerous they could be. Rodney grew more curious the more he found out about them. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. A handful of times, Rodney was locked out of his home on full moon nights, facing werewolves around him, but was rescued by wolf Jared on those occasions.

One night, his luck ran out and Rodney and Jared were faced with a tough decision. Surrounded by a pack of vicious wolves, Jared made the decision to try and keep the wolves at bay by infecting Rodney on the spot, but before he did, he saw an escape for Rodney, who took it to get to safe ground, while Jared kept off the other werewolves. The next full moon though, Rodney changed and was shocked and confused by his first metamorphosis. Jared had accidentally scratched his friend on the last full moon night and got infected. But there was hope. Rodney found out he was able to recollect what happened after he shifted and what it felt like to be a wolf, staying in control the whole night, much to the relief of Jared and Rodney's family.

But the events meant that Rodney could no longer play basketball on the college team and seek alternatives, as werewolves are banned from playing intercollegiate sports altogether. The two friends continued to help each other out, studying werewolfism and what it meant to be different. Jared continued to show Rodney the ropes and survival tips on full moon nights until the two graduated from their programs and went on their separate ways.

Since then, Rodney started his new career in physiotherapy in a nearby town near college, but it also meant living with different werewolves other than Jared, who went on to continue his graduate studies in California. The two friends barely talked as a result of real life.

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