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Full Name: Wiyes Domn
Species: Glorchiym (G'lore kai'm)
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Arrival Method: Migrant
Player: Siglas

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 8'3", 600 lb
  • Apparent Age: Old
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type: Other
  • Usual Clothing: Light, protective clothing. Usually robe wear, or light fabrics.
  • Voice: Deep and will sometimes resonate, depending on Wiyes
  • Usual Scent: Slight smell of decaying leaves, coppery minerals, and 'wet'.
  • Picture:

Full Description
Wiyes is an 8'3 tall creature at the shoulder. His upper body looks loosely like a muscular humanoids, with a neck backing that arches up, and then slopes forward and down to look similar to a gastropod's head, with two stalks for eyes, and two shorter stalks that sit above a sagging mouth. His torso sags heavily to one side from years of mistreatment, leading to large, calloused arms. His lower part is similar to that of a cephalopod, with eight tentacles that are scarred, thick, rough and have a thin sheen of mucus on their underside. There are no suction cups.

Robes that fit the upper body, covering the shoulders, and leaving the lower parts of the body exposed.

Wiyes looks somewhat ugly, and almost reminiscent of a monster. His pose, and build is not symmetrical, a heavy lean to the left.

- Items
  • - Carry bag
    A large carry bag with several compartments in it, filled with mostly plant matter
  • - waterskin.
    A large waterskin made to carry 20L of water.
  • - Traveller's book
    A book, and pencil, for writing many details of both the job and discoveries.
- Weapons
  • - Sickle
    A steel sickle, about 3' long past the hilt, used to cut greenery for harvest.
  • - Hammer
    About 4' long, this hammer has a heavy steel head and a wooden handle, used to whack pegs or other equipment into trees. It's about five Kg, and is top heavy, making it useless as much more than a bludgeoning tool.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Common
- Vocational History
  • - Farmer
    Wiyes collects and tends to the fast growing trees of his homeland, in order to cater for the demands of the general public.
- Education History
  • Basic education, up to primary schooling.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Farming
    Knows how to farm, cultivate, innovate and participate in many farming activities.
  • - tremor sense
    Because Wiyes has most of his body touching the ground, he has delicate enough sensations to be able to listen and discern some basic properties about tremors. The size of something, possibly how far away it is, and if thought heavily over a few minutes, can determine a rough angle.
  • - Regeneration
    Wiyes can regrow any part of his body. Non-bone will regrow within months. Bones grow within years. This is only triggered upon missing parts. If the end of the detached area is damaged, the body likely does not realise it's missing something, and will not grow it back.

    Replacement limbs and organs take several years to get back to full functionality, but will be at 80% after 6 months, 90% at 1 year, and gradual refinement over the next few years.

    Callousing and hardening of outer body is not rebuilt using regeneration.

    Note: If something critical like the hearts, head, lungs or other organs are removed/destroyed, it will take 2 months before they can start functioning again. Wiyes will die without medical/magical intervention, and his body will run out of resources to regenerate.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Sky scraper training (forcibly retired)
    This training happens over several years, which the person who is training has to live in some tough scenarios. They have to be able to defend themselves from multiple attacks, live in atmospheres of little oxygen, and survive off minimal nutrition.

    Wiyes has sustained physical damage and has been semi-crippled to disqualify him from being a Sky scraper. Still, he can attack well with his right arm, and maintains tactics when it comes to defending his men.

    He has training similar to base military training, and knows how to use swords and archery.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Wiyes comes from a city with immensely tall trees. The lowered gravity at the tops of the trees allows the creatures climb and jump freely from tree to tree in their endless search for food. The place is frequently attacked by large predators, and is by no means safe.

Treehouses that are not dissimilar to ant hives are made so that people may reside safely, and houses on at the base of trees often house multiple families. There is some closeness to

Character Background:
Wiyes was born from one of many siblings, far too many to really remember. Even then, he was chosen to be special due to his size, and fast growth. He was taught basic schooling until he was 10, at which point he had decided that working was a better use of his time. He became a farmhand at one of the local areas, shelling and sorting the produce. He felt this work was worth the effort, ensuring that his family and town would have plenty of food. This also let him understand the workings of resources.

When he was old enough (15) he applied to join the military force. He was heavily encouraged to join training for being a 'sky scraper'. Trained to retrieve and defend the highest produce at the top, where they were visible and in precarious positions that were hard to defend from. His training came with dangers as there were very large birds of prey and incredibly thin oxygen at those levels. It required considerable will and stamina to stay up there for days at a time, and not to ruin the produce that was required to be kept safe. His training was harsh, and consisted of several years of work and study to achieve levels of competence.

He was sent to wars, versing the large beast of the air, versing other Glorchiym countries, and other races of slugs. Each war improving, luck holding out to keep him alive and letting him learn tactics from his fallen friends and foes. His career was cut short from debilitating blow happening when he had a large bird sliced his left side with a paralytic venom injected. He had to get medical assistance and very nearly died from simply falling off the tree. Fortune smiled that day as he was brought to to safety, and most of the paralysis stopped and reversed. He still has a crippling injury on his left side which makes him unable to be used for the front-line position of sky scraper.

He instead moved to lower risk areas, farming and managing the farming. Re-living his young life was an odd and sudden change from him. He had grown in experience from his days as a fighter, and worked many ways of getting people ready and capable of defending themselves against the enemies of the air. Being a strict and somewhat reasonable worker gained him respect, and slowly worked his way to supervisor and second in command with his farming company. This was all part of the rehabilitation plan, keeping Wiyes active and gainfully employed. He suffered minimal mental trauma from the experience and maintained a gruff, but respectful attitude towards life and the continuation of his city.

His employment continued for a few more years before he was taken by the mists of a migrant.

Extra Information
- Biology notes
Glorchiym have two hearts within their chest cavity, one of which shuts down during prolonged, and/or rapid movements, to prevent de-synchronisation and irregularity of heartbeats. This causes a faster tiring of the species, but a fast recovery for when the body slows down. The second heart is smaller than the main heart. The second heart can shut down, which remains open to let the blood flow through with no control.

Glorchym are able to secrete a varied amount of fluids from their tentacles and mouth. This requires planning in dietary requirements, as well as the capacity to store it in an aqueous solution. The average time a dose can be kept for is 1 week, after which it's purged from the system. A purged dose only gives minor effects, diminishing rapidly until fully depletion a week later. This does not accumulate with other doses for in-game purposes.

Callousing is where armour is developed on the skin of a Glorchym. This process is a constant cutting and scarring process, in conjunction with secretions, that builds up a steadily tougher armour, at the expense of flexibility. Other objects can be inserted into this flesh as sort of hidden trophies.

Glorchym walk by secreting mucus or 'snail slime' that they can glide across. They then do a combination of snake slithering, and sometimes will do a knuckle-walk in conjunction. Running is done by swirling the tentacles similar to a rotating motor, and more reckless hand actions to move their body. During this process, the smaller heart often stops beating, as specified above (1st paragraph). A walk is the equivalent to a casual walking pace of an adult male, with a run being up to twice to three times the speed of an average adult male.

Eyesight is typically bad for a Glorchym. They can see well in close distances of up to 30 ft (~9m), at which point they rely on things moving to see them at all.

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