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The Ghost Ship

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types: All

Plot Overview:
A large sailing ship with tatter sails has appeared next to Marsilion. Not in the nearby lake, but situated on dry land just southeast of the town itself. There are no tracks to suggest it came from anywhere, but just appearing there abruptly. There is a large rent in the bow and battle damage looking like cannon fire. Sails are in tatters.

There is not a soul on board the ship, but those seeing it get a fleeting eerie feeling.

Plot Information:
The Ship
The ship seems to be an old maritime sailing ship. however while it is effected by physical forces like wind or opening doors, the ship itself is immutable. not even claws can dig in for climbing, sails do not tear (more then they already have been. While the ship is made of wood, there is one metal door on the deck by the captains cabin, it has no counterpart on the inside. When opened it leads to a metal room with another door.

Both doors cannot be open at the same time, trying to open the second forces the first to close with the force applied to the second. Once on the other side it leads to a pristine version of this ship manned with a diverse species crew. However people from marsilion pass through the crew and objects, and are unable to move the ship structure. There is an invisible barrier 50 feet from the ship, preventing leaving. This blocks teleporation too.

All buildings in the city have been made too look like wood. They have their original properties of strength, size, shape, etc but visually look to be unfinished wood and have moss growing on them.

Some buildings for a time have a tangible change to their interior to look like colonial period buildings. Function is not altered but contents are.

Characters may be randomly or periodically become possessed by a member of the ship's crew for a limited time.

A few rules
- Any character can be possessed at any time. Just check in with an OP first.
- The only spirits that may not be used by players are the ship captain or the first mate
- Spirits cannot relay information about the ship (see next line)
- If the possessed person tries to talk about the ship, experiences pain, or enough time passes they will revert to their normal state
- While possessed the attire will temporarily change to match the style the spirit normally does wear.
- Effects from stuff that happen while possessed do carry over and thus will have to be dealt with.
- The spirit may recognize friends of the possessed person as a ship mate.
- The spirit will not realize they are possessing someone
- The possessed will retain no memory of the event after being released.
- The abilities of the possessed will still be present though the spirit will not know how to access them.

Postplot Information:

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