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Full Name: Ohm the electromorph
Species: electromorph
Gender: Gender fluid
Age: 5000
Player: Fidgetbat

Physical Profile:
- Morph Mode
  • Height & Weight: 3' long 3' high 30lbs or more
  • Apparent Age: 5000
  • Body Type: Other
  • Usual Clothing: Electric blue and black in color
  • Voice: computer synth
  • Usual Scent: smells of machined metal

Full Description
A electric blue and black amorphous blob with circuitry patterning over its whole body with one large cyclops eye that looks like the symbol for power. Usually in the form of a three foot seal form that hops. Electromorphs will eat other pieces of Tech that has been fully destroyed or no longer usable for energy or to upgrade themselves for learning and energy production purposes. They can eat organic material or each other when they have expired.

Biped form
A short and fat proportioned form with large nondescript three fingered hands and tree trunk like feet. Has a long neck and a big eye instead of a head, like a eye stalk on a snail.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • The language of Electronics (written circuit form)
  • dialup (sounds as expected)
  • English
  • Native-Electromorph (series of boops an beeps similar to R2D2)
- Vocational History
  • Repair Tool
  • Space Navigational Equipment
  • Child's Toy
  • Blankey
  • Nonlethal deterrent
- Education History
  • Intelligence a think tank MIT computer but more curious 5 year old is how he acts..
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Combat Experience
    Spaceship combat when part of a legion (group of Electromorphs)
    Can also be personnel to fix and repair things
  • - Weapon Training
    Has downloads of what weapons are and how to use them but he doesn't like fighting or hurting people so he stuns or zaps things that try to hurt him. He was made to perform menial tasks and labor but can defend himself and his user (owner)
    - Eye Particle Laser-nonlethal blasts of blue energy serves to stun or knockdown/back

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Sir-kit is a world dominated by techno-organics called Electromorphs. The planet itself is a techno organic jungle world made by another ancient species that was lost to memory and servers. The planet itself is a working computer which they call Sir-kit. Everything from trees to animals share the elctrobio circutry of the planet. The first ones as they are called are a royalty caste and the smartest of their race usually exploit electromorphs into personnel for ships in their military or as tools.They mostly deal as merchants selling their own kind as pets, tools and systems as they are quite a universal tool that is highly sought after but can be expensive depending on how many applications are needed. Though the concept of slavery is something completely foreign to them, they see it as re-purposing a limb for something else or upgrading a tool. They use a sophisticated language to teach the electromorphs quickly but most can be done with integration to other technologies. This however can be dangerous and might cause catastrophic failure or behavioural problems and it can be slower than the original process. They can however lock the system of anything sold to another species so it cant be turned against them. The lower caste are the working class of the planet used to manufacture goods to sell for merchants or building requested items for the royal caste from ships which require ten electromorphs linked in a legion, to weapons and goods for the merchants.

Character Background:
An experimental repair tool re-purposed after being the toy of a few elctromorphs for its children at first he was redesigned to serve on a space freighter bound for another system on a research mission. He was often integrated as navigational equipment as he was quite bad at being a weapons array. He would never fire the energy given always making it inert and non-lethal which wasn't all bad but he excelled as a navigational array. His sensor sweeps were clean and precise his scans able to find the tiniest bit of contraband. Life was good and all the energy he was given was by his report efficient and delectable often to the confusion of others. He for all intents and purposes of gender liked to consider himself male most of the time after coming into contact with humans and other species that had assigned genders he became curious and of course the magazine he once consumed didnt help matters at all from a far off green and blue planet which depicted them naked in odd positions of data transference. Any attempts to remove the knowledge made him hide it until it became a part of him. After all he was an electromorph and their purpose was to learn or that's what he was designed to do.

While he was tasked with the safety of the ships crew being part of a ship that was bound for another system they were flying near a quasar when they were attacked by an aggressive warlike species called the Progenitors. Being outgunned and out numbered the ship was blown apart by the enemy he tried to save as many of his shipmates as he could but each one was hit with the quasars energy burning most of them out from coming too close. He was blown away by an ensuing explosion pushing him away from the quasar and his shipmates. Thinking quickly he used a few of the dead ship components floating nearby and melded with them to hide himself. He floated with the debris for several days slowly eating the remnants to sustain his life for as long as he could. With no other options left he launched himself through space after he ran out of food hoping to find a ship trade lane but with life fading and low energy he was sucked into a nearby portal after he passed out from lack of energy.

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