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The Witch's Words

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types: Everyone/everything

Plot Overview:

Plot Information:
Stage one: Discovery
"Please... it was my mother's locket. It's the only thing I have left of her..."

There are newcomers that have lost items of sentimental value. Then some people who have been on Marsilion for a while have also had items they've noticed go missing.

Players who wish to have their character lose a sentimental item may instigate a search to try and find it. Siglas will have further information.

  1. Michael "Mike" Vasilyev
    • Character's friend name: He doesn't have many contacts since the big switch, Taeryn comes closest to that right now.
  2. Taeryn Longôné
    • Character's friend name: 86

Postplot Information:
Upon conclusion. Those who lost their limbs (but not their whole body) will slowly have the offending limbs retreat, replaced with the original limb. This can be in any way the player wishes, as long as it takes a non-trivial amount of wait time as 'penance' for not standing up to the witch.

Those who lost their bodies will have to work a little harder... Please talk to an OP.

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