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The Kingdom Of Ankhurtz

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types: All within the area of Marsilion

Plot Overview:
Reality has changed in a blinding flash of light at 4:24 PM.

Characters will remember having grown up on this world, in the kingdom, instead of their true origin story. All records will reflect this as well. knowledge of the normal infinitas, migrants, and the multiverse will be removed.

Characters abilities will not be effected. They may have a new occupation in this world, as new opportunities have arisen.

The city
Marsilion and the area around it have been transformed. Gone is the haphazard design resulting from mixing cultures. Now all buildings and areas are reminiscent of a steampunk Victorian era.

The government is a monarchy ruled over by King Gregory Thalmius. The castle sits where capital island use to be. The Marsilion Armed Forces are now the royal guard, tasked with protection of the royalty and the city.

Technology in the city, baring the characters themselves, will be limited to a steam punk type setting. Character tech that is part of them will be uneffected aside from records and memory.

Some changes to specific building and locations have occured
Player Information
The area effected includes the whole of the main map and up to just beyond the skywolf camp. A spherical barrier blocks this region out on all sides and cannot be passed. No characters may enter or leave during this plot.

All mages will be required to have a liscene (obtainable from the guild) to practice magic. This may be revoked for misuse of magic.

Teleportation does work, but it cannot move into/out of the barrier.

Migrants and breaches are currently suspended in the effected area for the duration of the plot.

Plot Information:
The Barrier
Moving away from the capital city of Marsilion in all directions a barrier has formed, blocking it off from the rest of the island kingdom. Research is going on to breach this treacherous barrier but progress is slow. It forms a dome over the city and all citizens are advised to avoid contact.

As the city has been cut off from its supplies of food and outside materials what they do have is being rationed to buy the mages time to break the barrier.

The Steamworks will be reducing steam production on all hours to converse the heating supplies. All citizens are encouraged to keep their use minimalized at this time.

All citizens will be issued a food vouchers limiting the amount they can get per week. This is customized to each person's needs based on the kingdom's records. The voucher consists of magically treated ticket, showing how much is left a person may purchase for that week. Food distributors are being issued devices to scan the vouchers and modify them. The vouchers will be blank unless held by their assigned citizen or authorized carriers such as family members or spouses.

  1. Alillia Bali
    • Changes: No translation collar, more dog like behavior, does not remember being human
  2. Bryyo
    • Changes: Has no flight-assisting technology. Still employed as Search&Rescue.
  3. Cela
    • Changes: Knight in the Royal Guard
  4. Corbin
    • Changes: Two of his bodies on the inside (Rex-14 and the Reaper), one on the outside (Erm1n3)- the inside ones have memories of being created and coming into being, though questions of reinstantiation and copying will prove... problematic.
  5. Daniel Ratzenberger
    • Changes: Apprentice alchemist under Shana, worried father of 4 kids, licensed mage.
  6. Dave
    • Changes: Dave, but now with a hat that does not come off until doffed (or knocked comically from his head.) He still does courier work. Magical creature, though not himself a mage.
  7. Ferral
    • Changes: Cannot voluntarily shift, and does not know he can. Stuck in Anthro form. No translator.
  8. Fuzzle
    • Changes: Maintenance for Steamworks.
  9. Harmony Jackson
    • Changes: Greenskeeper for the Royal Gardens
  10. Kireyja
    • Laleine
      • Changes: Occupation: Mercenary
        Magic License: Yes
    • Patrick Altair
      • Changes: Still spice shop owner. Phasing power/ability unregistered, and not commonly known. Prey-sympathizer, despite being pf an obligate carnivore species.
    • Rodney Vlcek
      • Changes: Nurse
    • Roxander
      • Changes: Machinist for the King, staunch loyalist, and quite suspicious of everyone. He has learned to actually try to verify that his suspicions are valid before reporting people, at least. Is perfectly fine with torturing people, though is fortunately not allowed to indulge in that. Probably.
    • Samuel Orion
      • Changes: Scribe for royal court
    • Sassa Jorrummsfold
      • Changes: Dragon- no translation spell
    • Sato Odiea
      • Changes: No translation collar
    • Serris
      • Changes: Now runs a clockwork shop instead of a weapons shop. Clock showroom is always perfectly synchronized. Sometimes also makes clockwork automatons and other zany devices.
    • Seth
      • Changes: Unlicensed magic user, as such is much more apt to use his shapeshifting and illusions to evade people.
    • Simon Noots
      • Changes: Resistance spy at Sword and Board- works as chef and bartender.
    • Tagor
      • Changes: Child care worker.
    • Techila KrakenOS
      • Changes: Spy in the royal guarda
    • Telia Rhinehart
      • Changes: Owns an inn instead of a pizza parlor. Still doesn't really run it herself. But instead of the tunnels connecting to the underground stadium, it instead runs to [redacted]
    • Tizzy Batkiros
      • Changes: Arch mage for the magic guild.
    • Tristan
      • Changes: High Archmage for the Guild.
    • Wildcolt
      • Changes: Supervisor at Steamworks
    • Willowmic Odiea
      • Changes: No translation collar. Anthro form only.
    • Xirah
      • Changes: Uses a magic translator. Has a licence.

    Postplot Information:
    The town is none the worse for wear. However all the characters and other recoding stuff will remember those days in the alternate reality as if it was real.

    At the moment of the plot end a bright white light flooded the barrier, and a voice echoed around the whole place distorted as though underwater. "What you are experiencing is a temporary distortion of reality." When the light faded everyone was back where they were at the start of the plot, and in the state they were in at the time. They will remember what happened during the plot. But not the fake memories from before. Their original memories are restored.
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