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Celestial Conjunction

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types: Everyone

Plot Overview:
This upcoming July 8th, Saturday, will be the first conjuction of both moons being full. As such, there will be be a were-event to honor this somewhat historical event. We are not intending to make this a repeating event, and as such, in addition to the double full moon, a extremely magically steeped comet will end up breaching in near the orbit at this time. The basic effect of this is that for the duration of this conjunction of celestial bodies, everyone will become a were. Everyone. Okay, not literally everyone. See the below list for details on what will happen to your character.

  1. Shapeshifters will find themselves unable to change shapes, being locked into one form.
  2. Every sentient being that wasn't already is now a were. Any feral creatures will become anthro when the moons are up and any anthro will become a feral. For humans, this means primates.
  3. Every character that is already a were will have one or more of the following complications: dire/mini were form, flipped were and regular forms, or the effect on non-weres applied to both forms. A petition can be made for an alternate idea.
  4. Mechanical beings will either turn biological or become made of an alternate construction type. Ex: golem, steampunk, cybernetic, crude construct, etc.
  5. Magic spells (actively cast) will have a somewhat predictable alternate effect to what is intended. Ex: Someone might consistently summon water when trying to make a fireball while another person might keep increasing gravitational effects while attempting to do wind spells. Standing spells such as enchantments will continue to function.
  6. An additional option exists for any character whose current default form is not the one they originally were. These characters may end up under the double moons reverting back to their original form.

Duration: For most characters, the effects of this plot will last for the three days of the full moon. However after-effects might be possible for those interested.

Any questions may be directed to the Ops and Thuban in particular.

Plot Information:

  1. Alexandra Mardh
    • Effects: Feral Fox
  2. Alillia Bali
    • Effects: Anthro Husky
  3. Cody Derringer
    • Effects: 1-6 random triggers set off each full moon, also gender defaults swapped.
  4. Jolyon Perenna
    • Effects: Becomes the dreaded werebaby, and under certain circumstances, such as full moon or similar magic effect, can infect others with this.
  5. Laleine
    • Effects: Reverted to Derek, with PDD and clay body but no powers
  6. Michael "Mike" Vasilyev
    • Effects: Quad Human
  7. Rodney Vlcek
    • Effects: Anthro Panther
  8. Samuel Orion
    • Effects: Lemur
  9. Sato Odiea
    • Effects: Anthro Tiger cub (unable to talk)
  10. Simon Noots
    • Effects: Feral Wickerbeast, fluffy lizard like
  11. Tagor
    • Effects: Panther Golem
  12. Takilaria
    • Effects: Anthro Eastern Dragon
  13. Techila KrakenOS
    • Effects: Steampunk Robot snowmew
  14. Tochodamitatsu
    • Effects: Dire Raccoon
  15. Wildcolt
    • Effects: Steampunk Mech Horse
  16. Willowmic Odiea
    • Effects: Form locked, Tiger

Postplot Information:

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Jul 11, 2017 1:13 PM
Re: Celestial Conjunction
Cody Derringer signed up

1-6 random triggers set off each full moon, also gender defaults swapped.
Jolyon Perenna signed up Effects Becomes the dreaded werebaby, and under certain circumstances, such as full moon or similar magic effect, can infect others with this.
Jul 9, 2017 6:37 PM
Re: Celestial Conjunction
Mike signed up.

Effects: Quadrupedal human.

Alexa signed up.

Effects: Feral Fox
Jul 8, 2017 8:38 PM
Re: Celestial Conjunction
So around evening on July 8th, a blue breach opened in orbit around the planet bringing in a comet. About half a minute later, any magic sensitive folks would be able to feel the magic field start getting heavy interference. At the same time as the wash of magic energy from the comet, everyone will find themselves shifting to the form relevant to the plot. Everyone will shift back to their regular self (with exception of certain exceptions) once the double moons set.
Jul 7, 2017 9:31 PM
Re: Celestial Conjunction
Techila KrakenOS signed up

Steampunk Robot snowmew
Simon Noots signed up Effects Feral Wickerbeast, fluffy lizard like
Jul 6, 2017 9:17 PM
Re: Celestial Conjunction
Tochodamitatsu signed up

Dire Raccoon
Jul 4, 2017 7:41 PM
Re: Celestial Conjunction
Rodney Vlcek signed up

Anthro Panther
Jul 4, 2017 5:11 PM
Re: Celestial Conjunction
By the way, for shapeshifters this is not required, but you can have them formlocked and then were'd. Ex: Tom for the entire weekend will not be able to shapeshift and will thus be stuck as a feral fox. But when the moons come up he might end up as an anthro fox.

An added note for those who are neither feral nor anthro such as Dan: they will find themselves split between regular anthro and regular feral by day or by night respectively. Which is which can be chosen arbitrarily.
Jul 4, 2017 3:25 AM
Re: Celestial Conjunction
Laleine signed up

Reverted to Derek, with PDD and clay body but no powers
Samuel Orion signed up

Wildcolt signed up

Steampunk Mech Horse
Tagor signed up

Panther Golem
Alillia Bali signed up Effects Anthro Husky
Sato Odiea signed up Effects Anthro Tiger cub (unable to talk)
Takilaria signed up Effects Anthro Eastern Dragon
Willowmic Odiea signed up Effects Form locked, Tiger
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