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Shared Traits

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types: All living

Plot Overview:
Following the wake of the hurricane, it seems some magic came with it over the town. Characters who come into contact with each other are gaining traits from each other.

Any living character, organic or inorganic, is suseptable.

Plot Information:
The Mechanics
When a character comes in direct physical contact with another, they will gain some physical trait from the other. Some examples include, but are not limited to, the following
Full transformations do not happen with this.

After gaining a trait, that character will not be able to gain another trait for 4-6 hours. Only physical traits, no abilities. If a character gains a body part they do not have, they will instinctively know how to use it, though not skills with it.

Gained traits will persist for a week before going away on their own, unless they are magically removed first or overridden by another trait.

Postplot Information:
The Magic guild has found and neutralized the cause or the partial shifting. No further changes will occur, any current changes may be removed or time out as normal.
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