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The Crash

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types:

Plot Overview:
On the evening of November the 1st, a large breach opened over the island. Through it a large space ship came through, lit on fire as it hurled over Marsilion with a sonic boom, shattering windows and plowing through the sky and landing in the badlands north of the city with a titanic impact. Parts rained down over the island as the ship made its decent, crashing into the surface.

Plot Information:
Cloudy Skies
Exhaust from the still operating engines are darking the skies over Marsilion, causing abnormally cool temperatures with unusual clouds. Studies of the composition of the clouds reveal many unusual toxins. It is recommended fliers stay well below cloud level.

Monsters Unleashed
Many pods are being found all over the island. Empty, in various sizes. Corresponding with the pods monstrous creatures of all shapes and sizes have appeared all over the island. It is believed these creatures come from the pods, which are believed to be have been the items falling of the ship when it crashed

The Shield
Attempts to reach the wrecked ship have failed due to a protective energy screen repealing all currently known magic and technology. There are also hordes of the monsters around the wreck.

The Raid
A way to break the shield has been found. A planned raid is in effect to get in and neutralize the engines before the poisonous exhaust covers the planet and reaches ground level.

Postplot Information:
The engines have been disabled, however the resulting overload sent the engines critical and the ship has exploded. The immediate threat is now over.Various monsters are still loose on the island until mercenaries and hunters can remove them. But the conditions have altered the long term weather and climate of the island.

The new weather will now always be found on Weather Status and displayed at the top of the forum
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