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Run By:Adreos
Started: 6:21 PM
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Green Sweep

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types: Any

Plot Overview:
Some mage from an earth is having fun with this time of year. Casting a "green spell"

The spell was cast on March 16th at 11PM. Its warming the town up, melting the snow. Making leaves grow.

But also changing random things and people to a green hue.

This plot will wear off on its on on saturday March 20th at 11PM.

- Any character or object, or part thereof can be colored green
- Only the color is affected, function and effects are not.
- Mages can remove the coloration easily. It does not wash off though.

Plot Information:

  1. Davwyn
    • Color changes: Forest green body (instead of normal red)
  2. Dr. Minerva Quinn Morrow
    • Color changes: Neon Green Hair
  3. Sato Odiea
    • Color changes: Olive green stripes
  4. Takilaria
    • Color changes: Green fur instead of white

Postplot Information:

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Mar 17, 2021 4:17 PM
Re: Green Sweep
The system won't let me neither revoke or edit my 'apply' before I could enter in my colour changes.

Colour changes: Forest green body (instead of normal red), yellow underside, black horns and claws, and yellow eyes remain their natural colours.
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