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Recessive Switch

Plot Status: Completed

Suseptible Character Types: Any organic

Plot Overview:
Something is spreading in Marsilion. Over the course of 24 hours normally recessive traits in a characters genetics are starting to be expressed instead of the dominate ones.

Example: In an orange tiger with both orange and white genes the white ones will start to express themselves instead of the orange ones, turning the tiger white.

(These changes have the potential, but not mandate, to be permanent)

Plot Information:
OOC information
For changes requiring increase/decrease in mass the characters appetite will change accordingly.

For characters changed by red/black breaches: The changes are genetically deep. Player's choice on what is or isn't recessive.

For any major ability changes please speak to an OP first

  1. Alan 'Ranni' Lockley
    • Changed Trait 1: Hyperactivity is reversed, instead, his incredibly calming centres are highly present
    • Changed Trait 2: Ranni‚Äôs dull colouration is now incredibly vibrant blues, yellows and reds.
    • Changed Trait 3: His short fur is now incredibly thick, suited for winter
  2. Sato Odiea
    • Changed Trait 1: Orange/White reversed
    • Changed Trait 2: Golden Tabby expressed
  3. Wiyes Domn
    • Changed Trait 1: Wiyes is no longer of Skyscraper build. He is a much smaller build, making him much more suited to environments. He is now the size of an average human
    • Changed Trait 2: His body is now suited for night life. Bioluminescence is visible clearly on his skin.
    • Changed Trait 3: His demeanour changes, from slow to that of a somewhat more faster and bubbly personality.

Postplot Information:

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