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Full Name: Techila KrakenOS
Species: Snow Leopard
Gender: Handsome Male
Age: 42
Player: Fidgetbat

Physical Profile:
- Snowmew!
  • Height & Weight: 6'4" 220 lbs
  • Apparent Age: 30
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Stylish
  • Voice: Russian accent
  • Usual Scent: Rose Oil

Full Description
A muscular and handsome 6' 4”,240lb snow leopard sporting a dark leather scaled trench coat over his regular clothing. Regular clothing consists of a Black dress shirt and short red tie into a pair of well fit Black combat cargo pants. A black military style beret adorns his handsome head. Without his clothing his markings are a little strange in places mostly at each joint they look to be electrical schematic blueprints tattooed onto his body in an odd circles and line work on the backs of his paws in each digit. His eyes are a crystal clear blue and if one were to look closely he has schematic lines in his irises. He is quite plush to the touch with well groomed fur and a bit larger than average paws. He also sports a debonair smile that seems to win anyone over with a long fluffy tail as soft as silk.

- Items
  • Black Scaled Wallet
  • Lighter
  • Cherry Cigars

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Randovian (sounds like russian)
  • Velpure (English)
  • Luminous(sounds like Portuguese)
  • Karataos (sounds like Swahili)
- Vocational History
  • Military Confidential
  • Black Ops
  • Rouge Spy
- Education History
  • college major in robotics as a favorite,masters in literature and history
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Combat Experience
    Brawling, Boxing, martial arts (muey Thai) Jujitsu
  • - Weapon Training
    Handguns,rifles,artillery,explosives, knives

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
The world of Yavuri a futuristic world in the year or 2465. Mobile devices have been obsolete for so long people now communicate via micro chips inserted into them. Espionage is at an all time high and the worlds governments have become distortions of the truth. While world peace seems to have been achieved Secret weapons wars has been waging for decades. Highly trained operatives are selected from birth and used as governmental guinea pigs for military black ops agents. They gain Intel or insight chaos and panic in other nations for devastating effects to try and cripple a government. The ones that are not chipped are the poor, most of the world has turned to slums and salvage yards full of scrapped goods and metals. Built upwards from these places are the governments which only four reside.
Randovia, Luminous, Karataos and Velpure. These mega cities overshadow the slums as clean organized places full of the rich or middle class. Where everything is near legal so far as you can pay for it, Slavery has returned but in a more nefarious fashion of memory wiping and reprogramming of people. Were-creatures are more common in this place and magic is all but weak and forgotten though some still dabble with it. Some sects are pretty powerful and most have no political views or government affiliations.

Character Background:
Techila grew up in the hands of the government at an early age. He was taken from his parents and reprogrammed to remember nothing of them, a tool for the government to mold into a weapon. Surgically implanted with enhancements for strength, memory recall, all but the blocked ones of course. Trained for spying on the other governments Techila was a natural at the top of his class with honours in most things. Of course the government had a hand in some of his aspirations to try and make it appear as if he were some ambassador of peace. During one such mission while he was stealing some secrets of Luminous new magical technology he was hit with a spell that offset his systems that corroded them. Before the system could repair itself he was captured and subject to interrogation which is mostly done with chipped users. His systems were taxed but in a last ditch attempt to defend state secrets the AI in his chip used all power on defense protocols keeping the secrets safe but unlocking his memories.

He saw many things that were strange and foreign to him, his mother and father were and above all what the government had taken from him when he saw them murdered before his eyes. His adrenaline surged creating more power for his implants to draw from and he savagely ripped apart the agents trying to torture him. He became a rogue agent allying himself with a group called 'The Silken' that existed to fight the different governments and bring the people back into control of their own minds and free from the reprogramming governments. His methods for exploitation proved to be rather attention grabbing during one mission and he was forced to leave the planet until things died down, he became waylaid after he was focused on at a government checkpoint but he escaped into an air vent depositing him into infinitas as a Breach grabbed him.

Extra Information
- Pronounciation
Pronounced (Tech-kila, like Tequila!)

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Aug 7, 2016 5:26 PM
Re: CS- Techila KrakenOS
Robotic form- KrakenOS

Sleek electric blue eyes, gun metal colored feline robotic shape capable of going down to all fours when needed. Corded muscle with overlapping plates that move and shift with his movements to simulate muscles. Teeth and claws are razor sharp and tongue appears to be a sort of silicone prosthetic but looks and moves like a real tongue. His tail has overlapping plates with blue lights in the middle between the gaps when it moves, the end of the tail has a grasping claw which is able to be used as a separate appendage when engaged. The tail end looks normal as the grasping claw folds away to hide it. His fur is a hardlight variation of his own look which feels normal but with a slight synthetic touch as his body is cold so to is the fur when touched.


Basilisk Hack:

What a basilisk hack is: Using the combined research of humanity and knowledge gained by forcibly uploading billions of transhumans, the TITANs devised methods of attacking the brain simply by using sensory input, generally either audio, video, or both. Known as “basilisk hacks,” these attacks take advantage of the way biological transhuman brains interpret and process sensory input in the cerebral cortex. Just as epileptics are susceptible to visualizations that strobe at certain frequencies, basilisk hacks employ special visual and auditory patterns that trigger glitches in the brain’s neuronal wiring.

Once the conversion finishes for techila, he’ll find that he can “humm” something to people, and can make the following effects occur for between 2 and 20 minutes:

Paralyze: The subject’s muscles seize up and they are locked in place. Automatic functions like breathing work, but the subject is completely immobilized, even their eyes are stuck looking in the same direction.

Sleep: The subject falls into a deep slumber. They cannot be woken up short of medical intervention.

Disorient: The character becomes disoriented and severely confused. They are incapable of making decisions, understanding communication, understanding what is going on around them, or acting in any sort of determined way for the duration.

When he locks eyes with someone, he can also induce another basilisk hack. This one can’t be done quickly though and requires 1-10 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity.

Hypnosis: The subject has suggestions and commands placed in their mind. It can be anything as simple as “Forget you saw me” to a complete personality rewrite. As a side effect, the subject forgets what happens while the eyes are locked on. To their perspective, they simply make eye contact with Techila and then look away.

Limitations: The subject must have a brain whose function is sufficiently close to a human’s. Weird alien minds and machine minds may be immune. Even some humans may have changes in their wiring that makes them immune to it. For game purposes, most anthros are probably sufficiently close for these to work.
Feb 9, 2016 7:14 PM
Re: CS- Techila KrakenOS
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