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Full Name: Sassa Jorrummsfold
Species: Nightfury
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Player: Fidgetbat

Physical Profile:
- Nightfury
  • Height & Weight: 5' 5” at shoulder 6' 5” at top of head 7.9 meters long 700lbs
  • Apparent Age: 12 as a dragon, 17 as a human
  • Character Build: Lean
  • Body Type: Winged Quadruped
  • Usual Clothing: Leather
  • Voice: Scottish
  • Usual Scent: Ash and a tinge of something sweet like powdered sugar.

Full Description
Large royal purple Nightfury dragon with azure blue eyes and slitted pupils. She has no horns but six tendrils with two of them serving as her ears on top of her head the other four are used for senses. The purple of her scales is only visible if she is under light, they shine with a deep purple tone. Large wings similar to a bat sprout from her back that spread to a full 48 feet wide allowing for faster and longer flight. Fins going down her spine allow her to fly faster and perform fast maneuverings, they glow purple when she is angry or in Alpha mode. Her long tail has two long fins with lilac webbing. She has three black ornate saddlebags strapped on the right side of her body with quick release buckles. A saddle seems to be missing from her back as she looks like a ridden dragon without her rider.

Strongly built female Norse girl standing 5' 5” with red hair in a tight braid down her back with blue eyes wearing black leather breeches and brown leather boots with rabbit fur on the sides. She wears a purple leather tunic with the symbol of a tree surrounded by a circle, most likely a family crest. She has dark leather bracers on with sewn in studs, they appear hand made as does the rest of her outfit. She has three knife holsters on her back two at her sides and one in her right boot.

- Items
  • - Saddlebags
    Studded black leather saddle bags with viking runes denoting her name.
  • - Miscellaneous
    Change of clothes/other repair items, bolt of leather, string etc.
- Weapons
  • - Collapsible Viking Shield
    A shield with collapsible fins that arch out and fit together in a circular pattern, they look to be made of dragon scales. The shield has been painted a dark purple.
  • - Obsidian daggers x6
    leather handled obsidian stone daggers, very sharp but has seen lots of use as the handles are worn.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
  • Scottish
  • Nightfury (growls and roars)
- Vocational History
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Ranger
- Education History
  • highschool education
  • advanced combat training
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Combat Experience
    None as a dragon but as a human she has training against small bands of people usually able to fend off three attackers at once on her own. Has training in tracking and trap making and survival as she spent years as a ranger in training learning from her father.
  • - Weapon Training
    Rangers martial training in shields and daggers including defense and tactics

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
Island world full of dragons, there are pocket of islands and archipelagos but no large landmasses. They use ships and dragons to get around for those that are able to ride and tame them as it takes a special bond. Not movie verse

Character Background:
Island world full of dragons, there are pocket of islands and archipelagos but no large landmasses. They use ships and dragons to get around for those that are able to ride and tame them as it takes a special bond. Not movie verse

Extra Information
- Nightfury Abilities
Plasma Blast- A fast fireball shot with concentrated power in a small area. 20 feet
Flame breath- A purple cone of flame effective range 12 feet.
Low flame- Lights up her maw with fire used to help illuminate large areas. 25 foot area of effect
Power blast- Large explosive shot usually takes a few minutes to fire and makes a sort of whistling sound when fired. Medium range attack due to the oxygen content 15 feet

Fast flight- Night furies are very fast flyers able to break the sound barrier in a dive bomb.

Stealth flight- Because of the darkness of her scales she is able to fly pretty silently due to her wings being quite large.

Super sensitive hearing- The tendrils on her head are very susceptible to vibrations in the air and can usually detect other entities in the area before they are upon her.

Heightened sense of smell- Has a great nose for tracking things, able to follow scents for long distances as long as they are fresh and not rained out or disguised heavily.

Retractable teeth- for easier regurgitation or firing powerful blasts.
Echolocation- Can use echolocation to help pin down objects that are too dark to see or in case of fog. Sounds like a sort of shrill roar.

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