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Full Name: Sigurd Johansson
Species: Norwegian Badger
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Player: SomemuttupNorth

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: Height: 175 cm (5'9"), 87 kg (192 lbs)
  • Apparent Age: 43
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: 43
  • Voice: Scandinavian accented. Deep and gruff.
  • Usual Scent: Sea salt and smoke, badger. Sometimes cologne.

Full Description
An anthropomorphic badger. Tall, but pudgy at the same time. He wears victorian era-ish clothing, what you would expect from a merchantman. Some of his fur on his muzzle acts as a "goatee", extending below his jaw in a small ruff.

- Items
  • - Pocketwatch
    A gold pocketwatch on a chain.
  • - Flask
    A flask made of silver, containing brandy.
  • - Diary
    A pocket-sized leather book, used as both a ship's log and his personal journal.
- Weapons
  • - Natural Weapons
    Claws and teeth. Claws are usually filed

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • English
- Vocational History
  • - Merchant's Apprentice
    Ages 12 - 18
  • - Deckhand
    Ages 20-25
  • - Officer
    Ages 25 - 37
  • - Captain
    Ages 37 - 43
- Education History
  • Basic Education, some university
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • Little to none, outside of street fights

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
A parallel of our Earth, except humans and primates never existed. Mammals are still the intelligent species.

Character Background:
Sig was born May 12, 1828, to a banker and his wife in Christiania, the largest city in Norway (at the time, Norway was a unified entity with Sweden, and remained so throughout Sig's life). As a young boy, Sig was shy, and had only a few close friends, and a childhood sweetheart, a young lynx, Abegail. He lived a comfortable, happy life, and first gained appreciation of the sea through an apprenticeship with a local merchant, who served the sailors and fishermen of the town. Despite the longing of the sea, he wanted to honor his father's wishes, and went to university to study financing and business, to carry on the family company.

Meanwhile, Denmark was at war with several German nationalities. This did not bother Sig, until the King, Oscar, announced he would be conscripting to assist Denmark in its war with a Swedish-Norwegian force. Suddenly fearful for his life, and knowing of war from studying the recent Napoleonic conquests, Sig abruptly dropped all communication with his family, left school, and stowed away on a ship for England.

In England, he was hired by the Wilson Line, a quickly developing shipping line, and signed on as a deckhand. When the war he feared would escalate instead petered out, Sig revealed himself to Abegail. She was disgusted by his actions, and in her last letter to him, called him a coward, and considered him dead. Stung by her accusations, he did not reveal himself to the rest of his former accomplices- it was best if they thought him gone, perhaps.

Over the years, Sig worked his way up the ranks of the Wilson Line, until he received his first command as captain, the Oder. While the following years were generally uneventful, Sig found himself comfortable and happy with his new life, and after 5 years on the Oder, he was given command of a brand new ship, the Marengo.

While her maiden voyage was uneventful, on her second trip, from Liverpool to Christiania, disaster struck. In November 1871, while carrying cargo through rough seas, a gigantic wave swamped over the ship, buckling decks and washing away some of the boats. Steam was lost and the ship threatened to founder. Sig ordered an abandon ship, and was to be the last one off. Instead, he recalled Abegail's words, and vowed to redeem himself. He stayed aboard, to keep the ship steady and provide some protection for the lifeboats. As the weather deteriorated, the ship and the boats lost sight of each other, and eventually, each assumed the other had foundered.

Infinitas Related
Character Relations:
  • Tochodamitatsu - An interesting... person. Acquaintance.
  • Wildcolt - Useful, if terrifying. He probably cost Sig 5 years off his lifespan.

Extra Information
- Vehicle - S.S. Marengo
A coastal ocean liner of the following dimensions: length, 260 ft.; breadth, 32 ft.; and depth, 19 ft; tonnage, by register, 1500 tons. More information can be found here.

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