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Full Name: Last Prossot Aksol
Species: Ahuizotl
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Player: JayEnfield

Physical Profile:
- Ahuizotl
  • Height & Weight: 4'3", 120 lb
  • Apparent Age: 34
  • Body Type: Bipedal

Full Description
Female anthropomorphic ahuizotl, basicly an otter-like critter with thick claws and a long thick tail with a powerful hand on the end of it. Slightly NSFW link for visualization purposes: She typically wears a knee-length pleated skirt and blouse if she’s not going to be near the water that day, or a slick garment similar to a short-sleeved wetsuit if she’s anticipating being in and out of water.

- Items
  • - Scooter
    A small scooter, similar in style to a Vespa, with a 4-stroke engine of approximately 60ccs. It has a first aid kit tucked in a compartment on the rear, and can seat two people, if they're both small.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • French
  • Gaelic
  • English
- Vocational History
  • - assistant lab tech
    5 years, no promotions, worked primarily on drug testing and bloodwork for regional hospitals.
  • - ambulance driver / junior EMT
    5 years, no promotions,
- Education History
  • Military Academy, equivalent of Bachelor of Science, biochemistry and field medicine
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Powerful prehensile tail
    The ahuizotl tail is an extremely muscular and flexible limb, with a powerful grip equivalent to the hand of a person many times her size. It is somewhat lacking in momentum, however, due to her light body, so it's not terribly effective at punching. She can easily hang from her tail for extended durations, boost her jumps by pushing back with her tail, and propel herself swimming with this tail.
  • - Crustacean ranching
    She knows how to raise snails, crawfish, shrimp, and other aquatic snacks. She's been doing this for some 15 years, off and on.
  • - Amphibious
    Can hold her breath for extreme durations. 20 minutes of strenuous activity, an hour of normal activity, 2 hours of sedate wakefulness, or 6 hours of sleep. Senses, fins, fur, etc, are all adapted to underwater activity and pressures up to 300m.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Military Academy Basic Training
    Last has some small-arms training, using pistols and PDW type weaponry, amongst other basic military skills. It has, however, been over 10 years since she used any of them.

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
Last grew up in an alternate-earth in which several species of mythological beings were in fact actual beings, their societies developing alongside and within human empires. The topology of this world is the same as that of modern earth, but the history diverges in minor ways, becoming more significant in the 1700s and leading to wholly different contemporary map of the nations.

Character Background:
Last was born in 1962 in the Yucatan Republic, but immigrated with her family to the newly formed Celtic Union as a teen. As mythos immigrants from the new world, their welcome was not always warm in their new community, even amongst the local mythos communities. When a series of proxy wars began in the mid 70s in Ceylon, Siam, and Burma, she and one of her brothers enlisted in the Celtic Armed Service with aspirations of becoming a field medic in order to prove her family’s value and improve their prestige in the community. This was the closest to being a front-line soldier as was permitted at the time.

Shortly after completion of their training, the conflicts ended and the ahuizotl siblings were discharged without ever having been sent on tour. Last became an ambulance driver for five years, before upgrading her training and spending another five years as an assistant lab tech. Unfortunately for her, the state of mythos rights at the time made advancement from the bottom rungs of these career paths exceedingly difficult. She might have fought to a greater extent against the discriminatory practices, but by this time was now 34 years old, and becoming conscious of her age and lack of suitable romantic partners. While she’d had relationships over the years, there was simply far too few genetically compatible partners in Europe. At the time she encounters her yellow rift, in 1996, she’d not yet mustered the courage to uproot and go “home” to seek a husband.

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