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Full Name: Harmony Jackson
Species: Appaloosa Horse
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Arrival Method: Black Breach
Player: Paula

Physical Profile:
- Anthro Horse
  • Height & Weight: 6' 2"
  • Apparent Age: 21
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Mix of tomboy and bright colours
  • Voice: Feminine
  • Usual Scent: A little musky, like a barn yard

Full Description
A 6' 2" anthro black and white appaloosa horse, about 180 lbs, lean and toned. Her fur is mostly black with a white blanket with black dots spread across the back, small white dots spread around the blanket. She has a streak of white hair in her long, black hair. Brown eyes with rectangular pupils, white blotch on her forehead.

She'd arrive on Infinitas wearing a loose bra and a loin cloth, with a belt containing her knife in a sheath.

- Weapons
  • - Pocket knife
    An all-purpose hunting knife given to her by her father. 7" stainless steel blade with a leather-wrapped grip.
    Effective Range From Character
    Short range like a mundane knife.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Sioux (limited)
  • English
- Vocational History
  • - Ferrier (volunteering)
    Feeding, washing, brushing horses and assisting with lessons and daily exercises.
  • - Menards (Gardening Dept.)
    Selling products and assisting customers.
- Education History
  • NDSU graduate, Bachelor of Science - Horticulture major
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Cooking
    She's experienced in cooking a variety of meals. She has also volunteered in a soup kitchen for a few years.
  • - Gardening
    She has grown her own vegetables since she was young, together with her adoptive mother.
  • - Equestrian
    She can train, ride and take care of horses with expertise. 14 years of experience.

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
Mundane earth, 2015

Character Background:
Harmony was an ordinary human girl growing up in rural North Dakota until her family was unable to take care of her due to severe poverty and gave her up for adoption. Starting at age 2, she then grew up in suburban Fargo, living with Caucasian parents. Being Native American brought many challenges for her, including racist remarks from fellow students and threats of violence. She coped with those hurt feelings by surrounding herself with horses and friends she could rely on. It was then that her love for horses manifested and she continued to spend time volunteering for the stables just outside of town. She began to learn about self-sufficiency as a teenager and started to grow her own vegetables and volunteer at a soup kitchen to feed the poor as well. She spent a lot of time outside of home, being as selfless as she possibly could be.

There came a time in her life where she had the option to see her birth parents. She accepted the invitation and went out to see what she had left. But much to her disappointment, things barely changed and she was glad to have been taken away, which didn't sit well with her biological parents. As much as it hurt to see the circumstances she was born into, she decided to also study her culture and discover her heritage as much as she could. But it became a non-issue soon after, and she simply embraced her helpful nature well into her college life, spending countless hours studying and volunteering when she could.

In the summer of 2015, Harmony went on a camping trip with her college friends out in Montana. It went smoothly upon arrival, as the campsite was set up and everything. After an evening of campfire and food, the group settled down for the night, but someone forgot to put the food away in the car. That night, a grizzly bear proceeded to invade the site in search for food. Harmony heard the creature from her tent and attempted to try and scare it away. Little did she forget that the scaring tactics for a black bear didn't apply, so she failed to fend off the bear and was killed. The bear then dragged her off, but only until a black breach swallowed her corpse and made her into something new.

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