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Full Name: SAM 86
Nicknames: Full name: Supernatural Abrogation Mephit Wrigley:gen13/#86
Species: Supernatural-Abrogation Mephit
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Arrival Method: Yellow Breach
Player: JayEnfield

Physical Profile:
- Supernatural-Abrogation Mephit
  • Height & Weight: 5'6" (168cm), 300lb (136kg)
  • Apparent Age: 24
  • Character Build: Average
  • Body Type: Taur
  • Usual Clothing: Minimal
  • Voice: Jane Lynch
  • Usual Scent: Skunk

Full Description
SAM is a skunktaur with a chubby and fluffy build. Her fur is thick and black, with stripes and streaks of white along her back and belly in a fashion remniscent of a spotted skunk. By human standards she is of average height and weighs more than a human of that height. Her tail does appear to be even larger than one might expect for a skunk, however. She wears a black and silver wristcuff on her left hand, into which is stamped 'SCDC Wrigley - SAM*13*86'. At this time, she rarely wears anything else.

Temporary image (not mine) until a better one is made:

- Items
  • - Wrist Cuff
    The polymer and titanium cuff on her wrist is not meant to come off, and contains several RFIDs.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Diasporic Common Lingo (a simplified form of English)
- Vocational History
  • - Anti-Magic Prison Guard
    86 was bred and born to be a prison guard, preventing the escape of dangerous mages and witches. Her entire life has been oriented on this career.
- Education History
  • High-tech high-school equivalence, with strong athletic and bureaucratic focus.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Bureaucracy
    86 lived her entire life within a fixed hierarchy of a large government institution. Consequently, she does have some skill and appetite for navigating bureaucratic and legal structures.
  • - Wire sculpture
    86 took up wire sculpture as a hobby, and has since become reasonably skilled in creating artwork or functional shapes with only a few basic tools and a supply of wire.
  • - Poetry
    SAM 86 had long periods of time in which there was little to do, and she could not go anywhere. Craving something with more engagement than simply watching programs or reading up on general topics, she took up amateur poetry and the study of the work of the great poets. She is somewhat defensive about this, and keeps it mostly to herself.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Hand-to-Hand
    The combat style in which 86 is trained involves using the tauroid body to take squat powerful stances and grapple opponents down. It is a very defensive style, oriented strongly around grips and counterstrikes, somewhat in the fashion of Judo or Hung Gar. She is trained, albeit less extensively, in the use of modern riot control gear. In spite of her fluffy and squat appearance, her body is athletic and strong for its size.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
High-Magic Galactic Empire. Basicly a bastard hybrid of Star Wars and D&D.

Character Background:
Supernatural Abrogation Mephit Wrigley:gen13/#86 was requisitioned and born of her loving mother, SAM Wrigley:gen12/#45. From her infancy, the noble purpose of the Mephits in suppressing the unjust magics of dangerous beings was instilled into her throughout her training. She knew that she too would become a SAM Warden of the Supernatural Criminal Detention Center Wrigley, there was no other desireable outcome for an artificial intelligence such as herself but to fulfill her intended purpose and contain the awful criminals and dissidents imprisoned at her facility. Her training cycle lasted until she was 10 years old, at which point she began junior duties. This largely consisted of study and drill and coaching within isolated chambers near to the dorms of prisoners, to be a part of the suppression of their horrible powers. At 15 years old, she earned full SAM Warden status, effectively considered an adult, and was assigned to a team of human and other AI wardens, tasked with keeping them safe from supernatural harm as they performed their duties.

Wrigley itself is situated on an arctic island, a short distance from a small city which both supplies the prison and acts as a prospecting hub for the mineral wealth of nearby regions of the planet, as well as the moons in orbit. She was able to interact with many of the "Come-From-Aways" who passed briefly through the area during her leave time, and so was not wholly isolated from outside contact, but she has never been off the surface of the planet dubbed Famous Curl.

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Feb 25, 2018 4:09 AM
Re: SAM 86
Approved, with the standard boilerplate warning
Jul 30, 2017 11:24 AM
Re: SAM 86
Edit complete. Clarifications have been made, many bits re-written to remove redundant information or clarify ambiguous wording or flesh out some aspects.

All sections of the CS have been re-read and edited.

Aug 4 edit: Yet additional clarifications added.
Jul 18, 2017 1:39 AM
Re: SAM 86
The capacity to avoid having her core problems immediately solved by the high-fantasy tech-themed items currently in broad circulation in Marsillion, and indeed to be undesireable within a small radius of those characters who enjoy their supernatural fantasy-tech, is integral to the character concept.

I feel that it is worth noting that as written, this character does not destroy or deplete said items, nor in any way impede their use elsewhere. The character is not designed with the intent to remove assets from other characters, only to be a tiny exclusion zone to their direct effects. I do not feel that this is particularly twinky, since the character is not immune to any ordinary technological weapon or restraints (and in fact could be handily dispatched with a mere sword or pistol), and could even be thoroughly demolished with some of the very same high-fantasy items used nearby. A half-life styled gravity gun used nearby, for example, would be able to wreck this character's shit without breaking a sweat.

In short, the full exemption of all tech-themed supernatural items from abrogation would fully gut the story themes I'm keen to explore with her. What problems the exemption is intended to solve has not yet been explained to me, so I don't have a compromise to offer yet.
Jul 17, 2017 6:47 AM
Re: SAM 86
If you're not going to budge on the handwavium bits, you're just going to have to shelve this one.
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