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Run By: Adreos
Created: Dec 02, 2016
Last Edited: Dec 02, 2016
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Approved on Dec 31, 1969
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Lost Planes School & Daycare


With the variety of children in Marsilion Lost Planes is dedicated to their well being and education.

For young children Lost Planes has a fully functional daycare center.
For middle age to older children classrooms are provided to teach mathmatics, language, history of Infinitas, and other subjects. All mundane topics including the workshops.

Each young child is observed by the trained staff in the day care center to determine their starting point and an individual curriculum is derived based on mental progress of each individual child due to species variance. The curriculum is parent/guardian approved before use.

Headmaster: Laura Delora (Owner)

NPCs Employeed

Hours of Operation
Daycare: 24/7
Day School: 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM Monday - Friday
Night School: 7:30 PM - 2:00 AM Monday - Friday
Elective Classes: All other times, varies by each class.

PC Customers:
Raphael Bradley (Day Care Child), Sato Odiea (Student), Willowmic Odiea (Parent)
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